The Crew

-Band from Cali Colombia that mashes funk, reggae, hip hop and electronic music with afro colombian sounds. A special mix that has taken them to perform at different cities around the world, delivering a message of love, rhythm and party-

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Sounds of Cali and the pacific coast

The music of Cali has a special feel, the sound from the pacific coast having a great influence on the musical DNA of the city and air it breathes. The “Tumbao” of salsa music melted with urban vibes bring an explosive energy, a unique identity and personality to the music of the band.

Zalama Crew being sons of that african identity have built an special sound with rhythms such as Hip Hop, Dancehall and the afro flavor that rumbles in the blood and the whole body, with all the pacific cadence mixed with caribbean elements…

zalama crew live

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