Boca Sola

Hip Hop / Reggae / Soul / Afro-Colombian Vibes/  Electronic Sounds

“ Bienvenidos a una experiencia inaudita, explosiva, con líricas flamantes, camufladas con sonidos armoniosos hasta para los que no las quieren escuchar .”

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Zalama Crew:

Es una agrupación de Cali Colombia que fusiona el funk, el reggae y el hip hop con sonidos latinos y afro Colombianos. Se caracteriza por la energía que despliega en cada una de sus presentaciones, con un show lleno de diferentes matices y colores. Una experiencia de identidad local y a la vez global y universal. Una mezcla que los ha llevado a recorrer varias ciudades en el mundo, llevando un mensaje de paz, amor y rumba.

Beats & Flavor:

Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul, Ritmos Afrocolombianos y sonidos electrónicos, convirtiendo cada presentación en una celebración de la multiculturalidad, viajando a través de distintos ritmos y temáticas que junto al baile y las expresiones auténticas, conectan a la audiencia a la alegría, el positivismo y la calma ancestral, como también al desfogue y el caos, siempre resaltando nuestra identidad e influencias culturales.

Key Words:

Destrampe / Funky / Viche / Somos / De Aqui / Warriors / African cult / Parche / Concentration / Ecos del Ghetto / Calentura

Tribe / Brotherhood / Saludo a los dioses / Zalamalekum-Malekum Zalam


"His songs are infectious, blazing with catchy choruses and an effective and delicious fusion flavor... are dub, hip hop, reggae, currulao and even drum & bass, all at once'' Shock Awards. 2010

"They make us feel that they are direct children of rock, funk, reggae, soul and electronic music. His song “ No hay marcha atras” ("No turning back"), is part of his first album Zalama lekum, which blends dance and thoughts as we dive into the world of this group. "Music Alliance Pact (MAP). 2011

"A different and very interesting proposal makes that these artists are considered for scenarios as diverse as the Iberoamerican Theater Festival and the different shades reflecting their sound, plus their transcendent lyrics, are appreciated by those who still do not know them." - Metronomo Magazine. 2011

“ The selection of Zalama Crew was made according to the reputation of the band on stage and its originality. Also is taken in consideration its present in music and what it can be seen on stage in the festivals where they have performed in Colombia” Christian Allex, curator of Generiq Festival from France. 2012

“ Conformed by musicians from Cali, one from Bogotá and other one from Tumaco, the band –who has Cali as a birthplace and muse of inspiration- was chosen by the curators of Generiq Festival to represent the country in their first tour on European lands” El Tiempo Newspaper. 2012

“This hip-hop troupe from Cali, Colombia, digs deep into both urban and folk beats for a unique sound and great groove. Their live show is what truly sets them apart” By Leila Cobo Billboard´s 5 to Watch. 2014

Participation in the Colombian film “Los Hongos”, making part of the official soundtrack with Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz among others. 2014

“They owned the stage and the crowd with their infectious blend of Afro-Colombia sounds, catchy hooks and master showmanship. Zalama Crew is one of my SXSW´s bands to watch” AUSTIN 360 about SXSW Showcase. 2015

“The Roots inspired a new generation of hip hop funkateers as hip hop band Zalama Crew got loose on the Radio Day Stage” BET Out and about: SXSW Music Edition. 2015

"To any rock or alternative music band in the country, is one of the biggest achievements because Rock al Parque not only represents the rock spirit but also the respect to a band's career" Rock al parque. 2015



"Mixtape conformed with the first creations of the band, with tracks injected with real life situations, which outlines a proactive standpoint vigorously and cheerful, influenced by salsa samples, classic rock riffs and light touches of traditional Colombian music, with catchy choruses without the temperature of their rhythms cloud their speech "

ZALAMA LEKUM Album :::: Year: 2011 

"With a more organic and versatile sound, with experiments with dub, electronic and world music. Representing the lived experience of the band through this year, you can listen to tracks with approaches to blues and jazz with the presence of traditional rhythms of Colombian Pacific, such as the track called ContraCorriente, inspired by the winter issue of donations and grants that never reach the people in need and they are used as leverage for political campaigns: A universal musical experience"

EVERYDAY FIGHT EP :::: Year: 2013

“Characterized by a more mature and clear sound, reinventing themselves through the concept “La Melodia Music” which involucrate tracks influenced by reggae and soul, street vendor samples like the song “Escucha & Rota (Listen & Pass)” with the presence of “El pirata Original” voice sample, as well as other songs inspired by the love of music and the everyday learning to live a peaceful and spiritual calm life”

LA BULLA Album :::: Year: 2015 

The album “La Bulla” has-been created, recorded, mixed and pressed between Colombia and U.S, taking us through collaborations with Herencia de Timbiqui, Elastic Bond and Itawe From Locos por Juana. This album reaffirms the partying and urban essence that represents Latino neighborhoods with all the identity and style of the band. 

Ready to "Calentura"

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